Sunset at Worms Head

Image: Sunset at Worms Head, this photo is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, July 6, 2018

In This Edition:
Cloaking, transformers, Blink-182 Vs Saddam, stunt robots, 700k Amsterdam river objects and obsolete HTML

This week on a trip to Rhosilli and Worm's head, we managed to catch the sun going down on the beautifull landscape of The Gower Peninsula.

Spectral Invisibility Cloak

Image: Luis Romero Cortés and José Azaña, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique

Researchers have demonstrated a new cloaking technique that is effective within broadband light illumination. The technique selectively transfers energy from certain colours of the light wave to other colours. In the example image above, green light energy reflected when light passes through the object is redirected to other parts of the spectrum, effectively cancelling out the colours reflected from an object, making it invisible to the observer.



Blink-182 Vs Saddam Hussein

Image: Twitter, Mark Hoppus

Apparently, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 came up with a plan to triangulate Saddam Hussein's hiding position in Iraq in the early 2000s, by broadcasting an inaudible timecode from trucks driving around Iraq in the hope the codes would make it into one of Saddam's video messages. Somehow, Mark managed to brief a U.S. Navy admiral on the plan, while aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf!

Flying Transformer Drone

Image:JSK Lab/University of Tokyo via IEEE Spectrum

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a modular drone that can transform itself while flying to navigate around and through obstacles in its environment.

Disney Stunt Robots

Image: YouTube, Techcrunch, Disney

Disney is working on stunt robots (aka Stuntronics) for its theme parks that can perform aerial acrobotic moves while being launched into the air. Check out the video to see their progress.

Amsterdam River Objects

Image: Daniel O'Connell signet from circa 1820-1850.

While excavating the Amstel river during the building of the North/South metro line in Amsterdam, archaeologists catalogued over 700,000 objects dating back to the 14th century ( and some shells from 124,000BC).
The list of objects is searchable via a website and a quick search for Ireland yields some coins and a Daniel O'Connell signet ring from the early 19th century.
Apparently O'Connell was ideals were embraced by Amsterdam activist Pieter de Vos, who wanted to unite the workers of Amsterdam, using O'Connell's rights campaining successes as an example.
Unforuntately, the Amsterdam revolution never happened.

Obsolete HTML

Image: Marquee Tag Animation

This is a cool demo of the obsolete MARQUEE html tag being used to create a javascript-free carousel with some animation.


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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