Golden Sunset

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Friday, October 19, 2018

In This Edition:
Businessweek, Stripe's Digital Entrepreneurship Index, dancing & building robots, microscopic photography, Joe's House of Rugby, London Bank station upgrade & a map of U.S. ethnicity!

We were treated to this spooky golden sunset this week in Swansea. Nature must be getting ready for Halloween! :-p

Exeter V Munster

Last weekend I travelled down to Exeter for Munster's first Heineken Europpean Champions Cup match at home to Exeter in Sandy Park. The teams cam away with an even 10 points in the end. I took a few photos from the North Terrace which you can see here.

Businessweek's Chinese Spy Chip

Image: Apple, Amazon

The plot thickens on Businessweek's exposé on the Chinese server motherboard spy chip that they discovered (see item here in Edition #127). Both Apple and Amazon have released statements saying that they never discovered the intruder chip in any of their devices and that they told Businessweek numerous times.


Stripe's Digital Entrepreneurship Index

Image: Stripe

Stripe is partnering with The World Bank to produce a digital entrepreneurship index, to allow policymakers to access self-reported entrepreneurship data from around the world.


Dancing Robots!

Image: YouTube, Boston Dynamics

Last week we had jumping robots, this week we have dancing robots! Boston Dynamics released another robot video, this time of its SpotMini quadruped robot dancing to Bruno Mars.


Image: Mediated Matter Group

The Mediated Matter Group at MIT have created Fiberbots, robots that use a mix of fiber and resin to build towers underneath themselves. The bots use sensors and algorithms to colaborate with eachother while adjusting the length and curvature of the towers they build. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this).


Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition

The 44th Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition celebrates the best the world of microscopic photography has to offer. Check out the gallery of winning images here.


Podcasts Of The Week: Media MomentsBaz & Andrew's House of Rugby


The reincarnation of The Hard Yards podcast rose to life this week in its new form, Baz & Andrew's House Of Rugby, hosted by former Munster 13 Barry Murphy and former Ulster winger Andrew Trimble. The mixture of banter and chat with proper rugby analysis is spot on and fantastically fills the rugby podcast void that fans of The Hard Yards have been stranded in since this season kicked off in September. It's available as a podcast on Soundcloud and the usual podcast apps, and also on YouTube. Fill your rugby boots!

London Underground Bank Station Upgrade


London's IanVisits has some behind the scenes photos of the construction upgrade of the London Underground Bank station. The station will include an airport-style travelator when complete.


U.S. Ethnicity By Block

Image: National Geographic

National Geographic have produced a fascinating interactive map of America showing the ethnicity of each block based on 2010 census data. It is part of their series Diversity In America.

See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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