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Friday, January 25, 2019

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Speed of light, 1923 books, Google web components, Usk prison break, 1890s Paris, cut-throat Amazon Marketplace sellers, explain shell, Back & Forth, The HU & Sim Simma's Yamma Yamma!

This week Dáil Eireann celebrated 100 years since its first sitting in 1919. At the excellent centenary celebration in The Mansion House, the site of the first Dáil meeting, Uachtarán na hÉireann Micheal D. Higgins delivered an empassioned speech in English and Irish. The President spoke about the formation of the first Dáil and how issues that Ireland faced then still need attention now. In particular he said:

"The destiny of our country, the fate of our Irish revolution, now lies in the hands of this generation of Irishwomen and Irishmen. It falls to us, the Irish people, to forge a renewed vision of Irish freedom in the world today. It is happening with a recognition of the power of creativity in arts, science, peace-keeping and shared global concern.

The same challenges that confronted the revolutionary generation still abide with us today. 

We struggle to meet the needs of all of our people, even as our republic remains marred by inequalities in power, wealth, income and opportunity, mí-cothromaíocht. Poverty subsists amidst plenty, even as we fail to provide some of our citizens with the basic elements of a dignified existence within our republic – housing, healthcare, education, support for those with particular needs. 

Today, across the world, we are witnessing the return of an ugly, xenophobic corruption of nationalism, long since thought vanquished from our political life. 

The duty to welcome and shelter those fleeing war, persecution, and famine, so often relied upon by Irish men and women throughout the ages, is now being openly disdained, even discarded, by elements in our European Union. 

True nationalism addresses need, not only as part of a nation, but as part of an international family of nations."

Watch the full speech here, transcript available here.

Real Time Speed of Light

Image: Dr. James O'Donoghue, NASA Imagery

Dr. James O'Donoghue uses NASA Imagery to create an animation of the speed of light between Earth and Mars, in real time. By comparison, check out his animation of the speed light between Earth and The Moon also.

Books from 1923

Image: Talbot Hayden, University of Toronto, Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has released a wealth of scanned books published in 1923, the majority from the University of Toronto Robarts Library. Adding "Ireland" to the search results brings back an interesting collection of books such as The Irish Revolution and How It Came About, Pagan Ireland, and most interestingly, Michael Collins' Own Story. The first few pages of this book talk place during a first hand interview in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin with Michael Collins days after the signing of the Treaty and follows on with the behind the scenes political lobbying of The Dáil during the vote to ratify the Treaty!

Google Web Components


A wide range of web components created by Google Chrome Labs are available on GitHub, such as the two-up component, described here by CSS-Tricks.

1919 Dáil Eireann & Usk Prison Break


This week Ireland celebrated the centenary of the first Dáil in 1919. An article on tells the remarkable story of the prison break of Joe McGrath TD (a member of the Dáil), Barney Mellows and George Geraghty from Usk prison in Wales on the same day. The three Republicans pretended to be American tourists and tried to head for the ferry in Fishguard but couldn't get a train. They got a hackney to Newport and a train to Shrewsbury where they meet up with the other Republicans who were plotting Éamon de Valera's escape from Lincoln prison. The three made their way to Liverpool before arriving by sea back into North Wall in Dublin in two shipments.


1890s Footage of Paris

Image: YouTube, Guy Jones

Check out this great footage taken by The Lumiere brothers in Paris in the 1890s. YouTuber Guy Jones has stabilised and slowed down the footage and added foley to make it more relate-able.


Amazon Marketplace Cut-Throat Sellers

Image: The Verge

This is a fascinating long read by The Verge about the cut-throat goings on between super-competitive Amazon Marketplace sellers. A sub-industry has formed of "Amazon Lawyors" that help sellers recover from attacks by other sellers. Sellers have learnt to use new rules and terms against each other whenever Amazon introduces new legislation to their marketplace. When the hoverboards started exploding, Amazon cracked down on flammable products. Sellers start buying their competitors products, setting them on fire and leaving reviews about the explosive products, causing an immediate take-down of their competitors products form the marketplace, and that's just one type of marketplace attack!


Explain Shell


Explainshell describes each part of a shell command that you paste into it, quite prettily I might add! :-) HT to EamonnR for posting this.


Back & Forth - MK, Jonas Blue, Becky Hill

Image: YouTube, MK

Check out this fantastic video for the MK, Jonas Blue & Becky Hill track Back and Forth, directed by Finn Keenan. I can't stop thinking about the contrasting dark theme and light-heartidness in this video, as well as its fantastic effects.


The HU - Mongolian Throat Singing Metal Band

Image: YouTube, The HU

The HU are a bad-ass metal band from Mongolia that use what look like traditional Mongolian instruments as well as throat-singing in their tracks.


Sim Simma Soundsystem - Yamma Yamma (feat. Breezy iDeyGoke)

Image: YouTube, Sim Simma

Dance, hip-hop and grime Dublin legends Sim Simma Soundsystem announced the launch of their record label this week with the first track from their upcoming EP, Yamma Yamma featuring Breezy iDeyGoke. Check it out the fantastic track & video here.

See you next week!

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