Items of Interest

First 3D Colour X-Ray Using CERN Tech

Technology developed at CERN by New Zealand father and son scientists Professors Phil and Anthony butler called the Medipix3 has been used to produce the world's first 3D colour X-Ray. The Medipix is a chip used in the Large Hadron Collider for particle imaging and detection and has been refined by the scientists over the past 20 years. Their company MARS Bioimaging Ltd is now commercialising a 3D scanner using the technology.


The scorched earth and drought stricken land caused by the current heat wave is revealing the footprint of ancient settlements in land across Wales. Dr. Toby Driver, the Royal Commission's aerial investigator (bet that job title makes for an awesome business card!) is cataloging these ancient aerial clues. Many iron age and roman settlements have revealed themselves already.

MIT Cheetah 3

MIT have released another video of humans being mean to robots their Cheetah 3 quadruped robot navigating a range of obstacles blind (without image sensors), including running up debris filled stairs (haha, take that Daleks!) and enduring being poked with a big stick while running and minding it's own business!  

Electric Spiders

Spider ballooning is when a spider releases strands of silk and uses them to propel itself through the air, or so people thought. Researchers at the University of Bristol observed successful spider ballooning with the absence of any wind and even in rainy conditions.