Data Vis

Best Dogs

Check out the great and informative plot dataviz from Information Is Beautiful. The graphic shows the best breeds of dog and also differentiates between clever breeds and dumb breeds, like the poor Irish Wolfhound.


Dutch Data Visualisation specialist Sonja Kuijpers has published a powerful data visualisation which represents the number of people who died by suicide in the Netherlands in 2017.

Show Your Stripes

Climate scientist at University of Reading Ed Hawkins has created the #ShowYourStripes datavis site, which generates an image of temperature increases for every country for the last 100 years or so. Each stripe averages the temperature over a year and is built from the Berkely Earth Temperature Dataset. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this)

Irish State Map

The Zero-G design company in Dublin has created a great and illuminating map of the Irish State, which re-imagines the various state bodies and organisations as island land masses, grouped and positioned based on their allocated budgets and perceived power within Ireland.


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