KODAK One & Lobster

KODAK One have completed a trial with stock image service Lobster to monitor and report on the use of 10,000 images from the Lobster libarary across the web for a two week period. The trial demonstrates the successful implementation of three services from KODAK One's image rights management platform, their image recognition system, web crawlers and post-licencing services. They plan to continue the trial by reigstering all images in the Lobster library on the KODAK One blockchain.

Uzbekistan's Metro

The Tashkent Metro system in Uzbekistan doubles as a nuclear fallout shelter and as a result, all photography was banned in the metro until recently. The Guardian have a nice feature of photographs taken by Amos Chapple of the art and architecture of the Tashkent metro after the ban was lifted.

Harry Clarke Stained Glass Windows

Tucked away off one of the streets in Dingle is An Díseart convent of the Presentation Sisters order which I visited. In 1924, the convent commissioned Harry Clarke to created 6 sets of stained glass windows for the convert chapel. On first glance, the stained glass look to portray the usual religious scenes but on further inspection the mesmerising detail of each square centimeter of the glass becomes apparent.

Piano Activities

This week NAWR had the pleasure of realising Philip Corner's Piano Activites piece with Volcano Theatre in Swansea. Volcano had an old piano that had succumbed to wood worm and was due to be thrown away. Instead, the colloboration between Volcano and NAWR resulted in the piano giving its final public performance on Swansea High Street! Check out the rest of the photos of the piano's destruction here.

Colorised Ancient Photos

Brazilian artists Marina Amaral colourises ancient and historical photos to make them look as realistic as possible. The long list of photos converted include many historical figures like Rasputin and Teddy Roosevelt as well as photographs from major historical moments such as Franz Ferdinand's wedding 30 minutes before he was shot in 1914. Check out the amazing photos here.


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