Cloudflare IPFS Gateway

Cloudflare have realeased thie IPFS Gateway product as part of Crypto-week. The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer to peer web hosting and deliver system aimed at reducing the dependncy on the current server based architecture of the web. Pages on IPFS are accessed using a hash of their content as an address, and those pages are stored on a peer-to-peer system around the IPFS network.

Silent Words Device

Researchers at MIT have developed an intelligence augmentation device that is capable of detecting and transmitting verbalised words that are not spoken. The device measures neuro-muscular signals in the jaw and face that are triggered when words are internally verbalised inside the users head but not spoke out loud.  

The Copenhagen Catalog

The Copenhagen Catalogue is a collection of 150 principles that define a new direction for the tech industry. The principles were crowd-sourced by 150 people during the Techfestival in Copenhagen and address topics such as human rights, environment responsibility and open data. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this).

Maersk & NotPetya

This is a rivieting story by Wired on the NotPetya virus and how it wiped out the computer networks of companies worldwide in 2017 including Maersk. A fifth of the world's shipping capacity was shutdown for over 10 days. Shipping ports around the world had to revert to manual paper systems while Maersk IT workers flew in a sole unaffected DNS controller backup from a server in Ghana that happened to be knocked offline by a powercut before the infection.

Room Detection For IOT Devices

This Smashing Magazine tutorial demonstrates how to build a machine learning model that can predict which room you are in based on the signal strength of wifi networks around you. The system requires a map of the networks to be recorded and a model trained using the recorded data. Such a system could be useful to passively trigger IOT devices based on which room your phone is in, without the need for active notification methods like bluetooth beacons.


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