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Friday, May 31, 2019

In This Edition:
Swanlork, Pomodoro, First American Financial Corp breach, world's smallest racing drone, SCAR hosting stack, Auto FB posts delete & aviation photographers panel!

I'm on tour in Ireland this week with The Swansea Laptop Orchestra! I've become addicted to VitHit :-p
For anyone around Dublin tonight or Cork tomorrow, come see Swanlork play, details here.

Swansea Laptop Orchestra at AtlanTec Festival

On Wednesday night, The Swansea Laptop Orchestra played in The Loft in Seven Bar Galway as part of the AtlanTec Festival in Galway. Check out my photos from the gig here.

Swansea Laptop Orchestra at AtlanTec Conference

The Swansea Laptop Orchestra performed during the Atlantec Conference in NUIG yesterday. Check out my photos of the performance here.

Pomodoro Technique

Image: Buffer, Chris Winfield

Ever having trouble being productive? Constantly fightinf procrastination? Yeah, me neither :-p The Pomodoro technique is an excellent framework to trick yourself into being productivw without the pain of having to go through the denial and eventual acceptance :-) Check out Chris Winfield's post on The Pomodoro Technique on Buffer here.



First American Financial Corp. Data Breach

Image: First American Financial Corp.

Insurance compay First American Financial Corp. were found to have made millions of financial reports and records available publicly online. Any of the documents could be accessed by incrementing the number in the querystring of the URL! You can read more about the breach and the lack of obfuscation on Krebs On Security.

World's Smallest Autonomous Racing Drone

Image: Yingfu Xu, TU Delft

Scientists at TU Delft in The Netherlands have created the world's smallest autonomous racing drone. The drone weighs 72g and is 10cm in diameter. It relies heavily on algorithms to predict a safe path through the course instead of multiple sensors and cameras. The drone can navigate the course at an average of two metres per second, which is on par with larger racing drones.


SCAR Hosting Stack

Image: Github, Cloudkj

SCAR is a lightweight and cheap hosting stack configured on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. The stack allows you to deploy a statis site on a custom domain with SSL and a CDN for approx $1 per month.


Delete Your FB Wall Posts Automatically

Image: Facebook

Selenium is an automated UI testing tool whereby you can record interactions to replay later. Weskerfoot has published instructions on github on how to use Selenium to delete all of you Facebook wall posts.

Aviation Photographers Panels

Image: PatePixel

Jean-Lasage International Airport in Quebec have installed special panels around the perimeter of the airport which allow aviation photographers to photograph through areas in the fence!


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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