Greek Whistlers

A fascinating article on about Sfyria, a whistling based language in remote villages on the Greek islands, which is going extinct. The whistling language is/was used to communicate short messages over large distances, such as large farm fields and mountain areas. The higher pitch of a whistle is more distinguishable by the human ear of long distance.  

Podcasts Of The Week: Business Wars

As podcasts go, Business Wars by Wondery is very binge-worthy. The show offers a factual based story look at some of the biggest company battles in corporate history like Netflix V Blockbuster and Marvel V DC. Each story lasts for 7 or 8 episodes and finishes with some interviews of people close to the story. I found the Nike V Adidas story particularly good, the history of both companies is a great story!H/T to Niall Harbison for posting on Twitter about Business Wars.


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