A seagull at full wingspan

The full wingspan of a seagull. This image is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, June 8, 2018

In This Edition:
Strings, Facebook teens, UK drone laws, UX Design Professional Diploma, Tom Cruise's HALO jump, ancient Rome model, Ben & Jerry's blockchain & an under ice rocket explosion!

I took this photo of a seagull in flight at Langland Bay near where we live. Ever since coming across the False Knees comic, I now imagine all birds having sarcastic conversations.  The angle of this seagull's head makes me think he is a judging seagull. :-p
(This latest False Knees comic is great btw!:)

NAWR ANOIS #4 - Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Tinc Y Tannau

This week we welcomed Caoihmín Ó Raghallaigh and Tinc Y Tannau to Swansea to perform in our fourth NAWR ANOIS concert.
Check out the photos from the concert here.

Tinc Y Tannau


Swansea Laptop Orchestra at Tŷ Cerdd

This week The Swansea Laptop Orchestra helped launch Tŷ Cerdd's the CoDI Composer Pathways project. Swanlork will be montoring and performing pieces from composers in the Electonic pathway of the project.
Check out more photos from the concert here.

Teens Dropping Facebook

Image: Flowing Data

New survey results from the Pew Research Center show that usage of Facebook by 13 to 17 year olds has dropped significantly in the last 3 years. Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram are where it's at, in case you wanted to know :-)


New UK Drone Laws

Image: dronesafe.uk

New Drone laws have/are coming into effect in the UK, that will restrict drones from flying higher than 400ft (120m) and within 1km of any airport. According to the UK government website, the laws are now in effect. According to dronesafe.uk, a CAA website, the laws don't coming into effect until July 30th. It is also planned to rollout a mandatory online safety testing and license scheme from November30, 2019.


Professional Diploma in UX Design

Image: uxdesigninstitute.com

Irish company UXTraining.com have launched the UX Design Institute, which offers an online Professional Diploma in UX Design, accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University. The course is 40 hours in duration with a 2.5 hour exam, delivered online and includes mentoring and support. I have attended a UXTraining.com course in the past, and I found them and the material to be excellent and very worth while. The Professional Diploma in UX Design is currently available for 30% off as part of a special launch offer.

Tom Cruise's Halo Jump

Image: Youtube, Paramount Pictures

For the upcoming Mission:Impossible Fallaout movie, Tom Cruise trained and executed multiple HALO (High Altitube Low Opening) jumps to get the shot sequence for the movie. A HALO jump involves a parachute jump from an altitude of 25,000ft and free falling to 2,000ft before opening the parachute. Check out his behind the scenes video that shows the insane shot being filmed.

Model Of Ancient Rome

Italian architect Italo Gismondi was commissioned in 1933 to build a 1:250 scale model of ancient Rome, which he completed in 1955 and donited it to The Museum of Roman Civilization.

Ben & Jerry's Blockchain

Image: poseidon.eco

Ben & Jerrys have comitted to contribute a penny per cone to buy carbon credit tokens using Poseidon, a micro-transactions blockchain payment system. Poseidon uses the Stellar blockchain network to track and link each purchase to Ecosphere's forest conservation project, as an offset to negative carbon purchases.


Cool Thing Of The Week: Under Ice Rocket

Watch a bottle rocket explode in a frozen lake!


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