Podcast Of The Week: Eamon Ryan on Magnified With Matt Cooper

On his new long-form podcast, Matt Cooper interviews Eamon Ryan about Ireland's climate landscape and all the change that is in train, but that is needed to address the climate emergency. This deep dive is great and full of details and challenging questions. Eamon Ryan has a questionable meme-inspired political reputation, but he can't be accused of not knowing his brief inside out and being able to paint a positive picture of transitional change.

Podcast Of The Week: Francis Huagen on RCP

The Rhodes Centre Podcast (RCP) published a fascinating interview between Francis Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, and economist Mark Blyth. The interview goes beneath the surface of the practices highlighted by Francis Haugen's testimony to congress, and discusses the long term impact that the lack of oversight on social media content delivery algorithms can have on democracy.

Podcast Of The Week: Addressing Bias In NASA Submissions

This NPR Shortwave episode describes how scientists at NASA analysed the submissions for use of the new James Webb telescope, as well as Hubble and found a huge amount of unconscious bias was leading to the majority of approvals going to submissions from male scientists. They ran some experiments with the submission procedures and found blind submissions as well as more fact based reviewing procedures removed a lot of the biases from the process.

Podcast Of The Week: Pablo Escobar's Hippos on NPR Shortwave

Did you know that Pablo Escobar brought 4 hippos into his estate in Colombia? After he died in 1993, the hippos were left run wild. Fast forward almost 30 years and there are now 400 of them ravaging the ecosystem of the Colombian landscape near the estate. This great episode of shortwave debates the different conservation options that the Colombians are investigating to manage the hippo population, which could reach 500 by 2030 if left unchecked.


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