Modelling Societal Collapse

Gaya Herrington, the Sustainability and Dynamic System Analysis Lead at KPMG performed a study that analysed the 1972 Club of Rome Limits To Growth model and compared it to the current state of the world. Her study found that using the Business As Usual (BAU) scenario, the world is on track from societal collapse by around 2040, and using the Comprehensive Technology (CT) scenario, a halt to growth is predicted within the next decade or so. In her own words;

Small Scale Direct & Battery Assisted Solar Power

Kris De Decker wrote a fascinating piece in Low Tech Magazine about how to use small scale solar power in your home. Using solar panels on his balcony with a lead acid battery, he powers his lights, music system, laptops and device charging, which he calculates will cost €1,290 over 30 years. The piece also describes the Living Energy Farm that uses direct solar power without battery backups to run an entire farm with workshops, kitchen, and several homes.

Managers & Business Owners, We Must Lead On Climate Action

Time is up. We have to drastically reduce emissions within the decade. You may know this already, but have you accepted that you can do something about it? Everyone in business can act on the Climate Emergency in some way, but managers and business owners have unique leverage. We set policies, we make project planning and budget decisions, we promote the purpose and vision of our organisations, we build culture, we take action.


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