Getting Off Zero

Getting Off Zero is a term to describe buying your first amount of Bitcoin. If you want to start learning about the world of Bitcoin & Crypto, InvestAnswers is a great YouTube channel to follow. James published short videos most days and summarises the latest news through a lens of risk management and cautious capital preservation and growth. As a result, a lot of the hype (aka. hopeium) is relatively low.

Music Meta Data

The Verge have an interesting piece on the lack of standardisation of meta data in the music industry. Royalty money is being left on the table because of data errors and/or mismatches between the many meta data databases used by the numerous streaming services, especially when dealing with collaboration tracks.

Brave Browser

Brave is a new browser built on Chromium that claims 2x to 8x speed increases over regular browsers. It also focusses on ad tracking privacy by blocking all third party ad tracking. On top of this, using the Basic Attention Token, users can opt-in to Brave Rewards allowing for the collection and donation of BATs directly with content creators and publishers. You can earn yourself some BATs now on Coinbase Earn by watching a few videos about Brave.


Life Changing Smart Thinking Books

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