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Friday, January 19, 2024

In This Edition:
Choctaw Stickball, SNES on the blockchain, colour contrast checker, What - So What - Now What, & Greenland is north, south, east, & west of Iceland!

"The hallmark of an open mind is separating your ideas from your identity. If you define yourself by your opinions, questioning them is a threat to your integrity. If you see yourself as a curious person or a lifelong learner, changing your mind is a moment of growth."
- Adam Grant

Choctaw Stickball

Image: YouTube, Warrior Games

The new Marvel show Echo centres around the main character Maya who is of Native American heritage and can tap into an ancient power through her ancestral lineage. The story includes flashback scenes along that lineage and at the start of episode 2, the fascinating sport of Choctaw Stickball is portrayed. Stickball survives today as an ultra-physical game of 60 players, based on the ancient version of the sport that was nick-named the little brother of war, when it was used to settle disputes between tribes. The sport has similarities to hurling, but appears to be even more violent! Steve Sxwithul’txw has a great video describing stickball, its history, and its modern day place in Choctaw culture.

SNES On The Blockchain

Image: Unsplash, Kamil S

Blockchain alerts company NinjaAlerts demonstrated the functionality of Bitcoin Ordinals (NFTs attached to individual satoshis) by attaching a SNES emulator to the Bitcoin blockchain.


Colour Contrast Checker


Colour Contrast is a slick online tool to check if a background and foreground colour meet AA and AAA WCAG levels.


What, So What, Now What

Image: Unsplash, Headway

Matt Abrahams published a useful piece in the Harvard Business Review that describes the "What, So What, Now What" communications framework, including examples of how to employ the framework when introducing something, answering a question, or giving feedback.

Greenland is North, South, East, & West of Iceland

Image: Victoria Ellis

Frank Jacobs documents a list of obscure map surprises, such as Greenland being North, South, East, & West of Iceland.


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