Moon Plants

Researchers at the University of Florida have successfully grown plants in soil from the moon. The research used soil samples collected during the Apollo 11, 12, & 17 missions to test how well thale cress could or would grow in the extra-terrestrial soil. The cress was a champ and grew in the lunar soil, albeit it at a slower rate than in earth soil, while dealing with metabolic and oxidative stress.

Acoustic Fabric

Engineers at MIT and The Rhode Island School of Design have developed a piezoelectric fabric that can capture sounds by detecting vibrations and convert them into electric signals like a microphone. It is envisaged that the acoustic fabric could be used to monitor heart rates and respiratory sounds of the wearer. The fabric can also reverse the process and play sound that can be picked up by other fabric.

Mouth Robot

Professor Hideyuki Sawada from Kagawa University has created an utterance robot that manipulates the shape of a mouth and nasal cavity to produce sounds that simulate how humans speak. The robot also uses machine learning to hear its own utterance and improve them over time.


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