Insulin Lettuce

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have created a plant based insulin that can be delivered orally and stored at room temperature. Their method seeds lettuce cell walls with human insulin genes using a gene gun, and then selectively breeds generations of the plant that maintains the insulin, which can then be ground up and shelf stored.

Energy From Air

Engineers at University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a method to generate electricity from air using two porous nanofilms that create an imbalance of charge between water droplets. Stacking this air-gen device could allow the technology to scale up to the kilowatt level of electricity generation.

Coal Mine Battery

Scientists published a paper in the Energies journal that outlines how to use abandoned coal mine shafts as batteries. The Underground Energy Storage (UGES) system raises containers of sand raised to the top of the mine to store the energy, which when released to fall generate electricity. Scottish company Gravitricity have developed and tested a similar system.


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