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Friday, May 19, 2023

In This Edition:
OV Anam, coal mine battery, Dolly's climate song, Android web server, generating viewpoints from reflections, & near silent drone delivery!

Coal Mine Battery

Image: JD Hunt et al

Scientists published a paper in the Energies journal that outlines how to use abandoned coal mine shafts as batteries. The Underground Energy Storage (UGES) system raises containers of sand raised to the top of the mine to store the energy, which when released to fall generate electricity. Scottish company Gravitricity have developed and tested a similar system.


Dolly's Climate Song

Image: YoutTube, Dolly Parton

This is Dolly Parton's world, we just live in it.
Now that world is burning, so Dolly wrote a climate action song.
"Liar, Liar, The world's on fire, what you gonna do when it all burns down."

Android Web Server

Image: Android Blog

Want to use an Android phone as a web server? Check out this blog on how to do it, which is itself hosted on a phone!


Generating Viewpoints From Reflections

Image: MIT

Researchers at MIT have developed an Objects as Radiance-Field Cameras (ORCa) technique that uses reflections on shiny objects as image sensors to generate viewpoints outside the view of the original camera.
If you remember the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Identity Crisis (s04e18) where Geordie recreates an incident on the holodeck and generates a previous unseen viewpoint, we can now do this with AI.


Near Silent Drone Delivery

Image: YouTube, Zipline

The autonomous drone delivery company Zipline released details of their impressive new delivery platform. A whisper quiet drone with specially designed propellers based on hummingbirds hovers overhead and lowers a shuttlecraft looking storage box that uses its own propeller fans to guide its descent to the ground, where it opens a hatch and delivers your package. Zipline already deliver medical suppliers across Rwanda as part of the 600,000 deliveries they have made so far. Check out the Irish connection at 34:30 in their latest keynote.

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