VLF Space Barrier

NASA scientists have discovered an energy barrier around the earth that protects us from radiation and that is accidentally man made. The barrier is made of VLF (very low frequency) radio waves, which are generally used to communication with underwater submarines but have been leaking into the atmosphere.

Space Spiders

Someone decided that it was a good idea to put spiders on the International Space Station! Experiments with the space spiders (!) have shown that the spiders need a point of reference when building their webs and that light can be used as that reference in the absence of gravity. With no point of reference the spiders spin symmetrical webs in zero-g.

Nokia Moon 4G

NASA have selected Nokia to provide a 4G/LTE network on the moon. The network will be used for data transmission of vital command and control functions, remote control of rovers, real time navigation and video streaming. I'm looking forward to all the moon tiktoks :-p


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