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Friday, February 10, 2023

In This Edition:
Bar graph bias, GPS additional features, Monocle pocket AR device, company gender balance toolkit, & The Wonders of Street View!

Did you know that ice-worms exist in the depths of glaciers, and we don't know that much about them? Listen to this interested NPR Shortwave episode to hear what we do know about the billions of tiny black worms.

Bar Graph Bias

Image: Reimers & Harvey, International Journal of Forecasting, 2023

Researchers have discovered a bias against bar graphs in a study of more the 4,000 people that were asked to predict results based on a data series presented in different formats.


GPS Additional Features

Image: Unavco and the GPS Reflections Research Group, Knowable Magazine

Other than the main tracking feature of GPS, the system can also be used to detect and monitor in a range of additional and unique situations. The amount of snow on the ground can be measured from GPS signal noise, it can used to detect earthquakes, monitor volcanoes, and to analyse the atmosphere.


Monocle Pocket AR Device

Image: Monocle

Monocle is an open source augmented reality (AR) device designed to be clipped onto glasses. It uses Bluetooth, a 720p camera, and a micro OLED display, and costs $349.


Company Gender Balance Toolkit

Image: Level Project

The Level Project is an Enterprise Ireland initiative that helps companies develop and implement a gender balance strategy for senior management teams and boards.


The Wonders of Street View

Image: The Wonders of Street View

The Wonders of Street View displays random interesting and sometimes weird places and occurrences captured by Google's Street View.

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