Books & Comics in 2022

Old Dog - Declan Shalvey A washed up CIA agent gets put back into the field, at least that's what you think Old Dog is about! You'll have to read Declan Shalvey's excellent comic to find out what it's really about.   Four Thousand Weeks - Oliver Burkeman A gripping read that shines a light on all the assumptions you have about how to go about living and making the most of your life. A timely new year read.  

Music in 2022

B - Cormac Begley A whole album of Cormac Begley playing his signature bass concertina. It's amazing! I was lucky enough to see Cormac in concert twice this year, in the London Irish Centre and supporting Lisa O'Neill at the South Bank Centre, both fantastic concerts.   Compliance - Muse My favourite track from Muse's new album Will Of The People

Movies in 2022

Top Gun: Maverick I am the target audience for this film. Parking my adult opposition to U.S. military propaganda, I watched it and enjoyed it like I as 8 years old again.   Everything Everywhere All At Once This is the craziest film I've ever seen, from the first scene to the last.   Lightyear Better than I thought it would be. I can understand why Andy wanted the toy Buzz after watching it.   Slumberland A fun, heartbreaking & heart-warming film. Have the tissues ready.

TV in 2022

Andor There were some great TV shows in 2022 but for me, Andor is head and shoulders above them all and in the same category as The Wire and The Sopranos. The 3/4 episode story arc structure really hooks you in, and the depth of the storytelling and the symbolism is fantastically close to reality.   Moon Knight I was very excited for this, having read the graphic novel before seeing the TV show. Moon Knight delivered, and then some!  

Music in 2021

My favourite album of the year is Game On by Mick Flannery & Susan O'Neill. Their voices perfectly accompany each other like two sides of a musical coin. Pure magic.   Dry Goods - House Plants Dry Goods, the debut album from House Plants is just great, and gets better with every listen!  


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