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Friday, March 25, 2022

In This Edition:
Ravel, Moby on being vegan & saving the planet, acoustic fabric, An Spás Eadrainn-The Space Between, Netflix skip intro button origins, & Prospect!

Jenn Kirby released her latest album, Ravel, with artwork by me! Listen to it here.

Moby On Being Vegan & Saving The Planet

Image: YouTube, Mody

Moby released a great video about his journey to becoming vegan when he was young, and how veganism can now be used to tackle the climate emergency.


Acoustic Fabric

Image: Greg Hren

Engineers at MIT and The Rhode Island School of Design have developed a piezoelectric fabric that can capture sounds by detecting vibrations and convert them into electric signals like a microphone. It is envisaged that the acoustic fabric could be used to monitor heart rates and respiratory sounds of the wearer. The fabric can also reverse the process and play sound that can be picked up by other fabric.


An Spás Eadrainn-The Space Between

Image: TG4

An Spás Eadrainn-The Space Between is a beautiful music and art programme created by Susan O'Neill and filmed in Bunratty Castle. The programme features a number of musicians and artists that are paired with each other to produce art simultaneously and/or collaboratively while in each other's company. I grew up down the road from Bunratty Castle and have been inside many times, I even worked there as a teenager, and I've never seen the place portrayed with such brightness, openness, and life. Clár den céad scoth is ea An Spás Eadrainn.


Netflix Skip Intro Button Origins

Image: Netflix

Netflix published an article describing the origin of the Skip Intro button, which was all thanks to Game Of Thrones!


Movie Review: Prospect

Image: IMDB

This week I watched Prospect, a great indy sci-fi movie set on a forest moon with toxic air and valuable organic gem/gold like plant eggs. The film centres on a father and daughter that land on the moon to prospect a huge deposit of the valuable commodity.

I loved the sparse atmosphere and dialogue that gets you speculating on the back-story and details of the situation straight away, most of which are left undisclosed. The design of the props and costumes are also excellent, portrayed as scavenged and old materials and components, a far cry from the futuristic shiny worlds of the main sci-fi franchises. While slightly predictable, the plot still does a good job of pulling you into the created world and makes you invest in the plight of the characters.


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