Repair My Stuff

Repair My Stuff is a directory of repair services that allows users to filter by categories such as electronics, clothes, appliances, and shoes. Each person in Ireland produces 586 Kgs of waste per annum, 6th highest in EU. This website aims to help people reuse and repair rather than replace.

Choctaw Stickball

The new Marvel show Echo centres around the main character Maya who is of Native American heritage and can tap into an ancient power through her ancestral lineage. The story includes flashback scenes along that lineage and at the start of episode 2, the fascinating sport of Choctaw Stickball is portrayed. Stickball survives today as an ultra-physical game of 60 players, based on the ancient version of the sport that was nick-named the little brother of war, when it was used to settle disputes between tribes.

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment is an excellent 4 part series that follows 4 sets of twins through a study that measures the health benefits of exercise and a vegan diet versus exercise and a more healthy omnivore diet. The show also includes many fascinating side-stories such as a chicken farmer that switched to growing mushrooms, cheese made from cashew nuts, urban gorilla vegetable gardens, & the best restaurant in the world going vegan.

The Network State Conference

Balaji Shrinivasan's The Network State Podcast live-streamed their conference on YouTube. The Network State concept describes society moving away from nation states towards states that coalesce virtually and/or around shared ideals. The conference included talks from organisations that are experimenting with creating their own communities, enclaves, online and real-life cities, and presentations about how technology (usually blockchain) can power these initiatives and also disrupt the operation of the incumbents, aka countries.


Life Changing Smart Thinking Books

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