First Thought Talks

The First Thought Talks are an excellent set of talks in the Galway International Arts Festival that this year are streamed online and available to view on the festival's YouTube channel. There was an excellent talk on practical options for Ireland in addressing the climate crisis. The last day of talks will be streamed tomorrow, Saturday Sep 12.

Tackling Systemic Problems

Seth Godin published a great blog post this week on how to tackle systemic problems. The answer? By committing to the long, persistent road to altering the status quo. This advice reminds me of the old quote about how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. An important lesson pointed out by Seth in his post is that short-term urgency cannot be allowed to overtake long-term sustained effort in the quest for system change.

Lockdown Surge Capacity

Tara Haelle on the Elemental Medium blog has a great piece about why we feel awful as lockdown restrictions continue during the pandemic, because our surge capacity is depleted. Humans use mental and physical surge capacity to get through short term stressful survival situations. However, deploying these resources in a pandemic which is turning out to be far from short-term is leaving us empty.

Everything Is Going To Be OK

Artist Allan McCollum produced an online exhibition that showcases the trope of reassurance in TV & Film with variation of the phrase "Everything is going to be OK". The series is called "An Ongoing Collection ofScreengrabs With Reassuring Subtitles" however a lot of the scenes depicted don't suggest reassurance, despite the dialogue. Perhaps that's the point.


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