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Friday, June 10, 2022

In This Edition:
Co2 battery, microplastics in Antarctica, direct sound printing, DALL-E Mini, & Bemuse rhythm game!

I really enjoyed reading Mindful by Dermot Whelan, it makes meditation so relatable and a no-brainer (pun intended!). Dermot offers a common-sense and humour laden approach to getting started with meditation by sharing how & why meditation changed his life path.
He describes the scientifically proven benefits of mediation and provides a menu of different types, as well as a helping hand on how to get started and how to get your meditation practice to stick. I tried for years on & off without success, but after reading this book, it is finally sticking for me.
An easy read & an even better gateway into meditation.

Co2 Battery

Image: Energy Dome

Italian company Energy Dome have launched a large scale Co2 battery that can use captured carbon dioxide as a closed system battery. Electrical energy converts Co2 stored in a dome into compressed liquid, while storing the heat generated by the conversion. When the energy needs to be withdrawn, the stored heat is used to heat the compressed Co2 which turns a turbine to generate electricity and refill the Co2 dome. The battery can be built with existing materials and steel, and requires no rare-earth metals like checmical batteries.

Microplastics in Antarctica

Image: Lucy Howell


Direct Sound Printing

Image: Concordia University

Scientists at Canada's Concordia University developed a method of 3D printing using sound. Direct Sound Printing sends ultrasound pulses into resin to solidify it at specific locations, allowing incremental printing in hard to reach areas, like inside the body.



Image: DALL-E Mini

Following the release of the DALL-E AI image generator, a publicly accessible DALL-E Mini version has been launched, which creates images based on a textual description.


Bemuse Rhythm Game

Image: Bemuse

Test your rhythm skills and reflexes with Bemuse, a browser based guitar-hero style music game.


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