Faster Than Wind Travel

A former aerospace engineer turned YouTuber Rick Cavellero designed a land yacht that harnesses the power of the wind to propel itself faster than said wind. After online disagreements with physics professors, one who bet him $10,000 that it wasn't possible according to the laws of perpetual motion, he built the real thing and won the bet!

Cholera Rice Vaccine

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a vaccine for Cholera that is delivered using genetically modified rice, which has successfully completed phase 1 human trials. The edible Cholerea vaccine hides in the membranes of fat in protein droplets within the rice cells, protecting it from the digestive system.

Facemask COVID Detector

Researchers at MIT and Harvard have developed a COVID-19 detection system that is integrated into a facemask which tests the wearer's breath for COVID-19 in ninety minutes. The wFDCF technology uses freeze dried test moelcules that are activated when water is released into the testing unit via  release button. The system combines the high accuracy of a PCR test with the speed and low cost of an antigen test.


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