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Friday, October 6, 2023

In This Edition:
Passive water desalination using solar power, newly discovered planet pairs, analyse green impact of software, CSS auto-resizing textarea trick, & Irish Halloween stories!

Passive Water Desalination Using Solar Power

Image: Zhenyuan Xu, MIT

Engineers at MIT and in China have developed a passive water desalination solution using solar power that produces 4 to 6 litres of filtered water per hour, without salt clogging up the system using currents that mimic ocean currents.


Newly Discovered Free Floating Planet Pairs

Image: NASA, ESA, CSA, McCaughrean & Pearson

The James Webb Space Telescope has discovered the existence of free floating pairs of Jupiter size planets, unconnected to any stars in the Orion nebula, nicknamed JuMBOs (Jupiter Mass Binary Objects).


Analyse Green Impact of Software

Image: Cast Software

Cast Software offer a tool that can analyse the green impact of your software by modelling its data and processing usage.


CSS Auto-resizing Textarea Trick

Image: Simon Willison’s TILs

Need a textarea to expand automatically when text is typed in it? Then Simon Willison’s TILs blog post is for you.

Irish Halloween Stories

Image: Michael Fortune

Wexford man Michael Fortune interviewed older people in Wexford and asked them to recall their Halloween memories and stories. He captured their answers on video, which are wonderful to watch. The videos of these interviews have been collated by Irish Central.


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