Quantum Charging

Researchers at the Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems within the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea have published research on how to leverage quantum entanglement to speed up the charging time of battery cells, such as those in electric vehicle batteries. Using global operation quantum charging, all cells are charged at the same time, which could slash the charging time of an EV battery to seconds.

Acoustic Fabric

Engineers at MIT and The Rhode Island School of Design have developed a piezoelectric fabric that can capture sounds by detecting vibrations and convert them into electric signals like a microphone. It is envisaged that the acoustic fabric could be used to monitor heart rates and respiratory sounds of the wearer. The fabric can also reverse the process and play sound that can be picked up by other fabric.

Mackintosh Hill House Chain Mail Box

In Helensburgh in Scotland, famous designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh built his showcase Hill House in 1904. A weaker Portland cement was used in the construction and is now unfortunately crumbling after over 100 years of exposure to one of the wettest regions of Scotland. To preserve the house and protect it from the rain, The National Trust has built a massive chain mail box over the house which will keep it dry but also ventilated. The box includes 32.4 million hand sewn steel rings!


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