Automatic Plane Photos

Luke Berndt created a system to automatically photograph planes that fly over his house in Washington D.C. The skybot system uses the transponder of the aircraft to info the camera where in the sky to point at to take the photo. The camera moves and photographs until the plane is out of range or a new plane is in range. A machine learning custom vision cloud function then confirms that a plane is present in each photo and posts the best one to the Skybot website along with its identification detail from the FAA database..

Ocean Battery

Dutch startup Ocean Grazer has designed an ocean battery that uses excess renewable energy to pump 20 million litres of low pressure water from a concrete reservoir on the sea bed into a flexible bladder. When energy is needed, the bladder releases the water back into the reservoir using the force the ocean above it, driving water turbines and generating up to 10MWh of electricity as it passes back into the reservoir, at an efficiency rate of between 70 and 80 percent.  


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