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Friday, December 10, 2021

In This Edition:
Big things fast, software development metrics, product management primer, bird migration map, & getting off zero!

Big Things Fast

Image: Unsplash, Daniel Schludi

Patrick Collison of Stripe maintains a list of big projects that have been executed fast, such as The Eiffel Tower, Amazon Prime, and most recently, The Covid-19 Vaccine. The list is a great reminder that big things can be done when needed.

Software Development Metrics

Image: Unsplash, Karl Pawlowicz

The Stack Overflow blog published a piece on 4 software development metrics defined by Google over a 6 year project to understand high performance software teams. Deployment frequency, Mean change lead time, Mean time to restore, and Change failure rate are apparently the best way to measure software development performance in a meaningful way.


Product Management Primer

Image: Increment

James Turnbull on Increment published a great primer on product management for engineers, covering user stories and prioritisation very well.


Bird Migration Map

Image: Euro Bird Portal

The Euro Bird Portal visualises the migration patterns of different birds, over seasons or a 52 week period, around europe.

Getting Off Zero

Image: YouTube, InvestAnswers

Getting Off Zero is a term to describe buying your first amount of Bitcoin. If you want to start learning about the world of Bitcoin & Crypto, InvestAnswers is a great YouTube channel to follow. James published short videos most days and summarises the latest news through a lens of risk management and cautious capital preservation and growth. As a result, a lot of the hype (aka. hopeium) is relatively low.

He also publishes a longer interview each week with prominent people in the Crypto world. His latest interview is with Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow, which is pretty mind-blowing. They discuss the high-level system level thinking view of the world, geopolitics, and capitalist economies, along with how Bitcoin can offer a release valve for a not at all nice road the system is somewhat inevitably heading towards.

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