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Friday, January 28, 2022

In This Edition:
MegaClouds NFTs, garage silicon chip making, mapping geospatial data using python, cracking a Trezor hardware wallet, BitListen, & automatic plane photos!

I recently launched a new collection of cloud NFTs on Opensea called Mega Clouds, check them out here.


Garage Silicon Chip Making

Image: Sam Kang

Check out this great story on Wired about 22 year old Sam Zeloof who is building silicon chips in his garage using designs and equipment from the 70s, 80s & 90s.


Mapping Geospatial Data Using Python

Image: Lia Ristiana

Lia Ristiana published a handy guide about using Python to map geospatial data, using the examples of volcanos in Indonesia.

Cracking A Trezor Hardware Wallet

Image: The Verge, Joe Grand

The Verge published a fascinating article about how hacker Joe Grand figured out how he hacked a Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet. He managed extract the PIN from the wallet (which was running older firmware) after the wallet's owners forgot the pin but wanted to cash out when alt coins they owner appreciated in value to over $2 million.



Image: BitListen

BitListen is a website that sonifies transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. The pitch of the notes played are based on the value of the transaction.


Automatic Plane Photos

Image: Skybot

Luke Berndt created a system to automatically photograph planes that fly over his house in Washington D.C. The skybot system uses the transponder of the aircraft to info the camera where in the sky to point at to take the photo. The camera moves and photographs until the plane is out of range or a new plane is in range. A machine learning custom vision cloud function then confirms that a plane is present in each photo and posts the best one to the Skybot website along with its identification detail from the FAA database..


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