Sun Plasma

Researchers at the University of Central Lanchashire (UCLan) released the highest-ever resolution images of the sun, taken using NASA's High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C). The images show magentic strands of million-degree 500km wide plasma on the sun! Check out their Flickr gallery here.

Ternary State Data Molecule

Professor Damien Thompson and a team at the Bernel Institute at the University of Limerick have co-discovered a molecule that can maintain three seperate and stable asymmetric states within a broad temperature range of -100 to +100 °C. The discovery means that the molecule can be exploited to enhance current data storage technologies that operate on just two asymmetric states (0 and 1).

True Crystal Randomness

A research team at the University of Glasgow have developed a novel way to generate true random numbers. They built an automated robot to manage chemical reactions in crystals which produce inifintely possible physical changes. The robot detects and records the changes in the crystals across multiple variables such as size, location, colour and shape and then converts the images to binary sequences.


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