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Friday, April 22, 2022

In This Edition:
6 years of FTW, FT's The Climate Game, Japan smashes Internet speed record, fake salt chopsticks, IBM semantic data science API, & Wolfwalkers!

This edition of Found This Week marks 6 years of posts!
If I had started a PhD when I started FTW, I'd be well finished by now :-)
Let's see where we are in 2028!

FT's The Climate Game


The Financial Times has created an excellent interactive game about climate change. You play as the global minister for future generations, and you are presented with different policies and strategies to choose from,  across 3 chunks of time up to 2050, with the aim of achieving net zero emissions.
The data in the game is based on modelling from the International Energy Agency.


Japan Smashes Internet Speed Record

Image: Unsplash, Compare Fibre

Engineers in Japan have achieved a data transmission speed of 319 TBps across 3000km, using a new fibre optic transmission mechanism that splits data into different wavelengths and transmit it simultaneously, amplified along the way. The new cables are the same size as existing fibre cables, making them easier to install within existing infrastructure.

Fake Salt Chopsticks

Image: Meiji University

Researchers from Meiji University in Japan have invented electric chopsticks that trick your mouth into tasting salt without it being present in the food you are eating! The chopsticks send the electrical waveform that activates ions in salty and umami components into the user's mouth to change their taste perception of the food. The hope is using these chopsticks can reduce national salt intake by 20%.


IBM Semantic Data Science API

Image: IBM

IBM published a getting started guide to their Semantic Data Science API. The machine learning product allows data to be mapped to domains and/or concepts, which are then analysed and meaningful insights and extractions are generated. I recently read about a similar AI technique used in the Pivot Project to help with Climate Change, as described in Steve Hamm's book The Pivot.


Movie Review: Wolfwalkers

Image: YouTube, Cartoon Saloon

I finally got around to watching Wolfwalkers, and I was blown away! The story and emotion is fantastic, and the animation composition and perspectives are superb. It should have won the oscar. I highly recommend it, and bonus points to you if you spot Kíla!

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