Thermoelectric Stoves

Low Tech Magazine published an interesting article on equipping a stove with a thermoelectrical generator (TEG). A TEG is about 5% efficient at generating electricity, however if the heat from the stove is being generated anyway for other reasons (heating, cooking etc), then adding a TEG would be a more reliable way to generate electricity than installing solar panels.

IKEA's Bee Home

IKEA's reasearch lab Space10 has collaborated with design studio Bakken & Bæck and industrial designer Tanita Klein to create Bee Home, an open source design for a wooden Bee Home that people can build and install at home. The Bee Home website allows you to customise the size and configuration of your Bee Home, and then download the instructions and CNC files to use to fabricate the wooden home.

Infinite Monkey Piano

The Pudding are running a live experiment to generate the opening bars of songs by brute force on piano, in an exploration of the infinite monkey theorem. The experiment has been running for 17 days and has currently cracked 18 songs including Still Dre and Für Elise. It is currently trying to crack Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

EUVsVirus Hackathon

The European Commission are hosting a hackathon on April 24 to 26 to develop solutions to 37 COVID-19 challenges across Health & Life, Business Continuity, Social & Political Cohesion, Remote Working & Education, Digital Finance and other categories. Individuals, teams, mentors and organisations can participate to offer development, design & management skills to name but a few. (H/T to Mikael Fernström for sharing).


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