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Friday, June 26, 2020

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Covid-19 brain damage, preventing indoor Covid-19 outbreaks, mapping U.S. police violence, Microsoft machine learning crash course, storing secrets, design inspiration search engine and quantum entanglement on a cubesat!

I urge everyone it read this article about the effects Covid-19 can have on the brain. Up to 50% with Covid-19 have experienced neuroligical problems. Important risks to weigh up when the focus is on opening up the economy.

Indoor Covid Outbreaks & How To Prevent Them

Image: El País

Spanish newspaper El País published a fascinating analysis of three indoor Covid outbreaks and looks at how they could have been avoided. The article suggests mitigation techniques in the relation to outbreaks in a call centre in South Korea and in a restaurant and on a bus in China. Tactics include natural indoor ventilation, zig zagging of employee desks, avoiding background music in restaurants to prevent patrons from raising their voices to talk, and avoiding the recirculation of air.


Mapping U.S. Police Violence

Image: Amnesty International

Amnesty International has analysed 500 videos and 125 incidents across 40 states and districts to produce an important map of recent police violence in America.

Microsoft Machine Learning Crash Course

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft have published three hours and forty-five minutes of free videos and supporting content in its new machine learning crash course.


Best Practices For Storing Secrets

Image: Git Guardian

Git Guardian have produced a great list and cheatsheet of the best ways to store and manage secrets such as API keys, including not posting them in slack and Secret-as-a-Service solutions.


Design Inspiration Search Engine

Image: Muzli Search

Muzli Search is a search engine for design inspiration. A neat feature is that for every search result, tt automatically pulls the colour palette and provides an SVG download or link to Muzli colours.


Quantum Entanglement Satellite

Image: National University of Singapore

Researchers have successfully demonstrated quantum entanglement on a cube satellite. A miniture device placed on the SpooQy-1 cubesat demostrated quantum entanglement between pairs of photons within the tiny 20cm x 10cm satellite. This work follows the Chinese Micius satellite which demostrated quantum teleportation over thousands of kilometers.


3D Hologram Looking Glass Blocks

Image: The Verge

Looking Glass Blocks are embeddable 3D holgrams that are being touted as the 3D succesor to GIFs. Rollover the image below to see them in action!



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