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Friday, July 22, 2022

In This Edition:
Carbon scrubbing vehicles, solar generated jet fuel, jargon explainer, sonar face expressions, & underground autonomous cargo delivery!

Carbon Scrubbing Vehicles

Image: Eindhoven University of Technology/Bart van Overbeeke

Students at Eindhoven University of Technology have built a carbon net-zero electric car prototype which includes a CO2 scrubber in the front grill. Built from sustainable, recycled and/or reusable materials and components, with solar cells to extend range, the electric car can also scrub 2kg of CO2 for every 20,600km driven. Meanwhile in the US, CO2Rail is developing carbon scrubber rail cars that can be added to existing trains to scoop and scrub air as the train travels while also harvesting energy to power the process from regenerative braking.


Solar Generated Jet Fuel

Image: ETH Zurich

Researchers at ETH Zurich have built and testing a solar jet fuel generator. The solar tower uses solar power, water and CO2 from the atmosphere to generate a carbon-neutral jet fuel mix that can be converted into ynthetic fuels.


Jargon Explainer


Jargon is a Chrome extension that uses the GPT-3 machine learning model to describe science jargon in plain english.


Sonar Face Expressions

Image: Ke Li

Engineers at Cornell University have demonstrated how facial expressions can be detected and recreated using sonar on a wearable placed on each side of the head. A machine learning model analyses the sonar echo produced from a speaker and microphone on each ear to detect changes in skin on the face. The system effectively recognises facial expressions with the same detail as a camera.


Underground Autonomous Cargo Delivery


Switzerland have given go-ahead for the construction of the first 70km of a new underground autonomous cargo delivery system called Cargo Sous Terrain (CST) at a cost of $3 billion. The full 500km network is expected to cost $35 billion and be complete by 2045. Electric induction power cargo pods will travel on rails in the underground tunnels at 30km per hour.


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