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Friday, July 8, 2022

In This Edition:
Artificial photosynthesis, freeze-dried cell clones, sand batteries, what every programmer should know, and Francis Haugen & Mark Blyth on social media & democracy!

I've decided to sell my theremin.
I've had it for two years and haven't even touched it!

Artificial Photosynthesis

Image: Hann et al

Researchers in the University of California have developed a method of artificial synthesis that is 400% more efficient at growing plant mass, in the dark. Using a two-step electrocatalytic process, carbon dioxide, electricity and water are used to created acetate. Plants can then feed on the carbon in the acetate to grow without the need of sunlight.


Freeze Dried Cell Clones

Image: University of Yamanashi

Researchers at the University of Yamanashi have demonstrated the ability to clone a mouse from a freeze-dried skin cell. The process could replace the need to store cell samples for cloning in expensive and sometimes unstable liquid nitrogen.


Sand Battery

Image: Polar Night Energy

Researchers in Finland have commercialised sand battery technology that can store heat energy from excess generation. The excess electricity is used to heat air, and energy is then transferred from the air to the sand using a heat exchanger. The sand battery has been deployed in the town of Kankaanpää in western Finland and is used to power the central heating system for the district.

What Every Programmer Should Know

Image: Bigocheatsheet.com

Github user mtdvio has collected a list of great resources that cover a range of topics every programmer should know.


Podcast Of The Week: Francis Huagen on RCP

Image: RCP

The Rhodes Centre Podcast (RCP) published a fascinating interview between Francis Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower, and economist Mark Blyth. The interview goes beneath the surface of the practices highlighted by Francis Haugen's testimony to congress, and discusses the long term impact that the lack of oversight on social media content delivery algorithms can have on democracy.

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