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Friday, February 11, 2022

In This Edition:
Alfa Romeo NFT, chromebook repair for schools, addressing bias in NASA submissions, Wordle creator on Syntax, and the Mackintosh Hill House chain mail box!

I had a date last night and it was perfect!
Tomorrow I will try a grape :-)

Alfa Romeo NFT

Image: Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo's new Tonale SUV will include a blockchain which will store NFTs to prove ownership and official service history documents. The boot of the car can also be used as a remote Amazon delivery drop-box controlled by Alexa.


Chromebook Repair For Schools

Image: Google

Google is launching a learning program for kids to teach them how to repair the Chromebooks they use in schools.


Podcast Of The Week: Addressing Bias In NASA Submissions

Image: NPR

This NPR Shortwave episode describes how scientists at NASA analysed the submissions for use of the new James Webb telescope, as well as Hubble and found a huge amount of unconscious bias was leading to the majority of approvals going to submissions from male scientists. They ran some experiments with the submission procedures and found blind submissions as well as more fact based reviewing procedures removed a lot of the biases from the process.


Podcast Of The Week: Creator of Wordle Josh Wardle on Syntax


Josh Wardle, the developer that created the viral hit game Wordle was interviewed by Wes & Scott on the Syntax Podcast. For any developers, this is a great episode that lifts the lid on all the tech worries he had to deal with once the game started to get really popular (which now has over 10 million daily users!).


Mackintosh Hill House Chain Mail Box

Image: YouTube, Tom Scott

In Helensburgh in Scotland, famous designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh built his showcase Hill House in 1904. A weaker Portland cement was used in the construction and is now unfortunately crumbling after over 100 years of exposure to one of the wettest regions of Scotland. To preserve the house and protect it from the rain, The National Trust has built a massive chain mail box over the house which will keep it dry but also ventilated. The box includes 32.4 million hand sewn steel rings! Check out Tom Scott's great video about The Hill House Box.


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