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Friday, October 27, 2023

In This Edition:
8% more Irish rain per degree, 14 year old invents skin cancer treating soap, robot training AI agent, clean hydrogen using 40% solar heat, poisoning AI art, & a product metrics framework

RTÉ reported on some shocking new research from Maynooth University stating that Ireland's annual rainfall will increase by 8% per degree of warming. We are currently on track for 2.8 to 3.5 degrees. We need to join the dots between our emissions, and lack or action to reduce them, and the consequences that we are seeing unfold faster than climate scientists modelled.

14 Year Old Invents Skin Cancer Treating Soap

Image: Andy King/Discovery Education

14 year old Heman Bekele won the America's Top Scientist competition by inventing a soap that can be used to treat skin cancer, which contains compounds that could reactivate dendritic cells to protect the skin.


Robot Training AI Agent

Image: Nvidia

Nvidia Research have developed an AI agent using ChatGPT that can teach robots complex skills autonomously. The skills include catching and throwing balls, opening cabinets, and using scissors.


Clean Hydrogen Using 40% Solar Heat

Image: MIT

Engineers at MIT have developed a new heating and cooling reactor train that produces clean hydrogen by harnessing 40% of the solar heat it is exposed to. The technology can be scaled up to by adding more reactors to the train.


Poisoning AI Art

Image: University of Chicago

Researchers at the University of Chicago developed a tool called Nightshade that can be used to poison images used to train AI models, in order to interfere with the art generated by those models.

A Product Metrics Framework

Image: A Smart Bear

Jason Cohen published a very useful piece on A Smart Bear about worthwhile product metrics to track, and he presented a framework on how to categorise each one.


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