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Friday, June 17, 2022

In This Edition:
Google's sentient chatbot, entropy & movement, infection resilient buildings, T-POST t-shirt magazine, & exploring economics!

This cartoon is a great reminder on why UX is needed during product design.

Google's Sentient Chatbot

Image: Medium, Blake Lemoine

A Google engineer created a chatbot and now thinks it has become sentient. Check out the conversation with the bot that the engineer posted by way of proof.

Entropy & Movement

Image: YouTube, Aeon Video

Infection Resilient Buildings

Image: Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering published a report on building health into construction to make infection resilient buildings. The report shows that in the long run, it is cheaper to build better ventilation and lighting into buildings due to increased health and productivity of its users.

T-POST T-Shirt Magazines

Image: T-POST

T-POST is a unique concept that publishes a limited edition t-shirt with a magazine printed on the inside each month.


Exploring Economics


Exploring Economics is a website with articles, courses & other materials to teach economics with the mission of teaching pluralist economics for a sustainable future.

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