Colour Controversy

I often have "discussions" with my wife over the designation of particular colours, particularly the colour of the paint in our sitting room which I say is grey and she says is light blue. Have some mindless clicking fun this Friday afternoon with Colour Controversy, a site that serves you up a colour and asks you to pick from two possible answers. The percentage answers are shown after you pick, and you can even see a leaderboard of the most controversial colours!

Book Review: Supercrash by Darryl Cunningham

This week I read the riveting & eye-opening Supercrash. Using the medium of comic strips, the author deftly delivers the outrageous facts and context behind the 2008 financial crash, it's beginnings in the theories and influence of Ayn Rand and her objectivists, and the systematic hijacking of the economic and political world since. Most presciently, the division between left and right wing is brilliantly explained, using succinct captions and poignant illustrations. A must-read explainer for the world we find ourselves in today.

COVID-19 Vaccine Predictions

The Center For Global Development have published research on predicting the rollout timelines of a COVID-19 vaccine. The predictions show a 50% chance of a vaccine by April 2021, rising to 100% by September 2023. The paper also estimates that a total of just under 24 billion doses will be needed globally, distributed between health workers (115m), 65+ people(1.6bn), at risk people (4.2bn), and the rest of the population (18bn).

First Thought Talks

The First Thought Talks are an excellent set of talks in the Galway International Arts Festival that this year are streamed online and available to view on the festival's YouTube channel. There was an excellent talk on practical options for Ireland in addressing the climate crisis. The last day of talks will be streamed tomorrow, Saturday Sep 12.

Tackling Systemic Problems

Seth Godin published a great blog post this week on how to tackle systemic problems. The answer? By committing to the long, persistent road to altering the status quo. This advice reminds me of the old quote about how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. An important lesson pointed out by Seth in his post is that short-term urgency cannot be allowed to overtake long-term sustained effort in the quest for system change.


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