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Friday, October 14, 2022

In This Edition:
7 types of rest, 2m Thames rise, neurons learn Pong, testing in production, and Blindboy & Darren McGarvey!

7 Types of Rest

Image: Liz Andmollie

Marissa Goldberg describes 7 types of rest, and how to integrate them into your remote working day.

2 Metre Thames Rise

Image: BBC

The BBC this week broadcast a special EastEnders credits image showing how the Thames will look when sea level rises by 2 metres.


Neurons Learn Pong

Image: Juan Gaertner / Getty Images

Researchers in Melbourne grew a dish of neurons, attached an electrode feedback system to them, and observed them learning how to play pong, at least in a statistically significant way.


Testing In Production

Image: Jean Yang

Jean Yang from Akita Software published an interesting post about how developers are more often than not forced to now do their testing in production because of the complex third party integrations and APIs now used in modern production systems that can't be easily replicated (with live data) for testing separately.


Podcast Of The Week: Blindboy & Darren McGarvey

Image: Acast

This excellent interview between Blindboy and Darren McGarvey covers a fascinating array of topics such as social class biases and how to overcome them, integrity in artistic practice, and a warning on the dangers of listening to a certain Canadian academic / lunatic.


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