Ancient Storytelling Memory Technique

Researchers in Australia conducted a memory test study where participants were asked to remember and recite a list of butterfly names. Using ancient aboriginal story telling techniques to encode knowledge, one group in the study were taught how to construct a story around the names. Another group were taught how to use the memory palace technique to remember the names, and the control group were left untaught.

Podcast of the Week: Where Is My Mind? - Niall Breslin & Dr. Mike Ryan

On an excellent recent episode of his Where Is My Mind? podcast, Niall Breslin interview Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO's Health Emergency Programme. They cover a range of topics connected to mental health such as the lack of preventative health provision and the pressure of modern society not meeting the needs of people.

Flying & COVID

The New York Times published a very impressive data visualisation that explains how air is processed and circulated in the cabin of an aircraft. They simulated two million air particles to track how COVID would spread in a cabin if a positive passenger with a mask on sneezed. The takeaways are that the aircraft cabin is safer than the airport, and to keep your mask on all the time.

Cork Harbour Sea Shanty

Sound art duo Softday released As I Roved Out One Morning, a sea shanty musical piece in collaboration with Sirius Arts Centre, Hannah Fahey, and the Softday Deep Water Singers that highlights the dangers of the proposed incinerator at Ringaskiddy in Cork Harbour. The duo worked with the Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment to gather information, field recordings, conversations, and transcripts of An Bord Pleanála oral hearings to use as input to the piece.


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