Podcast Of The Week: Addressing Bias In NASA Submissions

This NPR Shortwave episode describes how scientists at NASA analysed the submissions for use of the new James Webb telescope, as well as Hubble and found a huge amount of unconscious bias was leading to the majority of approvals going to submissions from male scientists. They ran some experiments with the submission procedures and found blind submissions as well as more fact based reviewing procedures removed a lot of the biases from the process.

Disable 2G On Android

Google pushed an update to some phones running Android 12 to allow 2G to be disabled by the user. This is significant because cell site simulators used by police in the U.S. can impersonate cell towers and force a phone to downgrade to a 2G connection. This then allows the cell site simulator to crack the weaker 2G encryption in real time and snoop on any phones connected to it.


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