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Friday, August 26, 2022

In This Edition:
Google greenwashes aircraft emissions, waveline magnet energy generator, David McWilliams on Michael Collins, make your own outdoor gear, & play arcade games in your browser!

For the first time ever, I've read the book before the TV show/movie!  That book is Paper Girls and is a brilliant graphic novel. Paper Girls on Amazon Prime is superb and is doing the book justice.

Google Greenwashes Aircraft Emissions

Image: BBC

As reported by the BBC, Google have updated their Google flights emissions calculations to exclude all the global warming impacts of flying except CO2. This removes almost half of the emissions generated actually generated from aviation. Failing to measure & display these additional missions effectively amounts to greenwashing, and is the opposite of what is needed during a climate emergency :-(


Waveline Magnet Energy Generator

Iamge: Design Boom, SWEL

The Waveline Magnet is an energy generator made by SWEL in Cyprus, that passively generates electricity from the movement of waves it rides on. Check out the mesmerising concept video here.


Podcast Of The Week: Michael Collins on the David McWilliams Podcast

Image: Acast

This week David & John released a great podcast episode about Michael Collins and the economics of civil war Ireland. At the start of the episode, there's discussion of no ambush happening at all at Béal Na Bláth. In the second half, there are insights into Collins' 1922 plans for Ireland, with open trade, a booming economy staked by Irish capital for Irish businesses using Irish resources, united.


Make Your Own Outdoor Gear

Image: MYOG

MYOG is a website that sells sewing patterns and instructions on how to make your own outdoor gear, from shorts and hoodies to backpacks and wind jackets.


Play Arcade Games In Browser

Image: Internet Archive

The Internet Archive hosts a range of arcade games with emulators that can be played in the browser. Fight!

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