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Friday, August 19, 2022

In This Edition:
Stopping climate change visual explainer, USA net zero, brainstorming prompts, ultrasound bandage, & Janet Jackson can crash your hard drive!

I binge watched Netflix's The Sandman this week. It's a bit like an emo Doctor Who, but it is also very good!

Stopping Climate Change Visual Explainer

Image: John Lang

John Lang of the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit published a detailed & slick graphic that summarises the latest IPCC Climate Change report and describes how we can stop climate Change.


USA Net Zero

Image: Information Is Beautiful

Information Is Beautiful have crunched the numbers and, through their usual fantastic illustrative form, have formulated the details on how the USA can get to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Brainstorming Prompts

Image: Unsplash, Towfiqu barbhuiya

A smart bear published a handy list of brainstorming prompts that you can use in your business or creating pursuits.


Ultrasound Bandage

Image: Zhenwei Ma

Scientists at McGill University in Canada have developed a hydrogel bandage that can be bonded to the skin using ultrasound. The application of ultrasound to the bandage stimulates micro-bubbles that bond the hydrogel molecules to the skin.


Janet Jackson Can Crash Your Hard Drive

Image: Unsplash, Vincent Botta

A story from The Register, syndicated through MSN, tells of mysterious computer crashes whenever Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation was played, by the computer itself or close to it. After what I imagine was some wild debugging, it was discovered that the song contains frequencies that match the resonant frequency of some brands of 5400rpm hard drives used in older computers. The issue has now been declared as a cybersecurity vulnerability.

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