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Friday, September 23, 2022

In This Edition:
Flying 3D printer drones, why manufacturers make concept cars, a case for Rust, unintended consequences of photography, & The Dog Bunny Puzzle!

Flying 3D Printer Drones

Image: University College London

Researchers from Imperial College London and Switzerland's Empa institute have developed a system to deployed automated flying 3D printer drones which can be used to print structures in awkward to reach or inhospitable places. Inspired by bees, the Aerial Additive Manufacturing system (humourously) consists of two drones working together, one worker drone that does the printing and one gaffer drone that monitors the work and directs the worker drone to stick to the blueprint if it veers off script.


Why Manufacturers Make Concept Cars

Image: Audi

Ars Technica published an interesting interview with Filip Brabec from Audi about the process of creating a concept car and what the manufacture gets in return, such as a test bed for upcoming new production line features, as well as a yardstick for design sensibilities and market receptiveness to feature concepts.


A Case for Rust

Image: Maciek

Maciek posted a good piece on making a business case for switching development languages to Rust from languages like C++ and Java, due to its security, robustness, and speed. The CTO of Microsoft Azure seems to agree.


Unintended Consequences of Photography

Image: Louis Daugerre, Wikimedia Commons

This is a fascinating post about 5 unintended consequences of photography, such as contributing to Abraham Lincoln becoming president, destroying the romantic view of war, poverty & strife, and liberating art.

The Dog Bunny Puzzle

Image: Dog Bunny Puzzle

Test your conditional logic and graph theory skills with the Dog Bunny Puzzle!

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