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Friday, February 2, 2024

In This Edition:
Disney HoloTile moving floor, dismantling excuses with stories of progress, repair my stuff, one-line CSS upgrades, & tracking Bitcoin transactions!

Disney HoloTile Moving Floor

Image: Disney

Disney Research announced their new HoloTile, a moving floor that allows multiple people to travel on the spot, ideally while in an AR or VR environment.


Dismantling Excuses With Stories of Progress

Image: Our World In Data

Hannah Ritchie published a great post about how using positive stories of progress can help build momentum in Climate Action, as well as tackling apathy.

Repair My Stuff

Image: Repair My Stuff

Repair My Stuff is a directory of repair services that allows users to filter by categories such as electronics, clothes, appliances, and shoes. Each person in Ireland produces 586 Kgs of waste per annum, 6th highest in EU. This website aims to help people reuse and repair rather than replace.


One-line CSS Upgrades

Image: Modern CSS

Modern CSS published a useful post describing new one-line CSS upgrades, such as aspect-ratio and width: fit-content.


Tracking Bitcoin Transactions

Image: Sarah Meiklejohn

WIRED published an interesting piece about how Sarah Meiklejohn tracked bitcoin transactions to create a map of the bitcoin blockchain.


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