TV in 2022

Image: Disney


There were some great TV shows in 2022 but for me, Andor is head and shoulders above them all and in the same category as The Wire and The Sopranos. The 3/4 episode story arc structure really hooks you in, and the depth of the storytelling and the symbolism is fantastically close to reality.


Moon Knight

I was very excited for this, having read the graphic novel before seeing the TV show. Moon Knight delivered, and then some!


The Responder

Martin Freeman like you haven't seen him before, as a scouser bizzy! An excellent and gripping drama that stays with you long after it's over.


Paper Girls

I loved the graphic novels, and the Amazon Prime show did an excellent job with its own take on the nostalgia heavy story.


The Bear

I'm glad each episode of The Bear is only about 20 mins long, because you need to lie down and maybe have a cry after some of them. Best fly on the wall type drama in years.


Hector - Balkins go Baltics

Clár den céad scoth, arís ó Hector. I'm a big fan of Hector's travel programmes on TG4, and they are also a great way to keep your Irish learning ticking over. This excellent series from The Balkins to The Baltics was packed full of interesting visits, interviews, and history previously unknown to me.


We Crashed

I could not stop watching this car crash story, and couldn't wait for each new episode. Perhaps it was the schadenfreude, coupled with the CGI face prosthetics, and the fact that it wasn't too far from the real events.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

A proper Trek show, at last!



A late entrant for the year, but Tim Burton's creative quality places the show above other similar shows, plus it's The Addams Family! click click.


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