Comic Review: Analog

Image: Analog Issue 1 Alternative Cover, Art by Declan Shalvey

I picked up Analog issues 1 & 2 recently because of the amazing alternative cover that Declan drew for the first issue. In Analog #1, we are introduced to the main character, Jack McGinnis, a Jack Bauer/John Wick/Transporter type of anti-hero, who transports paper documents for the highest bidder. Paper documents you say? Well, a quick narrative flashback shows us that Jack was somehow instrumental in destroying the internet during "The Great Doxxing" of 2024. Now Jack and others like him help secrets travel the old fashioned, analog way. Gerry Duggan's weaving of this unique post-tech future is intruiging and is balanced perfectly between explaining what is going on and keeping you in suspense.
The TPB graphic novel will be released in October, which you can preorder on Amazon using the Found This Week affiliate link here.


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