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Friday, May 12, 2023

In This Edition:
LEGO human skin printer, quantum computing Q-day, distilled water space propulsion, software team structure mistakes to avoid, & improving your critical thinking!

I recently started listening to Fire Draw Near, a great folk and trad music discovery podcast by Ian Lynch of the band Lankum. In each episode, Ian plays songs that have been sent to him or ones he has discovered or come across, usually accompanied by some backstory or description of each song. The latest episode includes a great version of She Moved Through The Fair by Shane MacGowan.

LEGO Human Skin Printer

Image: Cardiff University

Scientists at Cardiff University have developed a human skin 3D printer made completely of LEGO. The build cost of the printer is £500, making it financially accessible to a wide range of researchers.

Quantum Computing Q-day

Image: Financial Times

The FT released an excellent animated explainer site on Q-day, the point in the future where it is theorised that quantum computing will break RSA encryption.


Distilled Water Space Propulsion

Image: Momentus

Commercial space company Momentus successfully used a distilled water based propulsion system called Microwave Electrothermal Thruster (MET) to raise the altitude of a satellite in orbit.


Software Team Structure Mistakes To Avoid

Image: Unsplash, Juanjo Jaramillo

Stay SaaSy published a great piece on the mistakes to avoid when structuring software teams, with advice such as defining clear ownership and team member redundancy.


Improving Your Critical Thinking

Image: Unsplash, Markus Winkler

Gergely Orosz posted a great piece about critical thinking and how to improve your practice, which starts with embracing the concept of not knowing something, and systematically learning. This is very similar concept to Carol Dweck's book Growth Mindset.

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