Antibiotic Supercharging Antibacterial Gold Particles

Researchers from the Southern University of Science and Technology and Fudan University in China and the University of Leeds in the UK teamed up to demonstrate an improved use of gold nano-particles in the fight against bacteria. The research shows that combined antibacterial methods using gold nano-particles successfully reduced the severity of the bacteria while also increasing the efficacy of antibiotics.

Power Lasers

Ericsson and PowerLight Technologies have developed a method to send power wirelessly to 5G base stations using lasers. The power lasers can send 480 watts over 300 metres and are expecting to upscale to 1,000 watts over 1km.

Glow In The Dark Plants

Scientists at MIT have successfully injected nanoparticles into plants to give them glow in the dark properties, for the second time. The strontium aluminate nanoparticles are coated in silica so as not to damage the plant. Just 10 seconds of exposure to LED or sunlight cause the plants to glow green for up to an hour, at a brightness ten times more than the previous experiment. The plan is to be able to use these glowing plants as passive lighting in outdoor areas, thus reducing the need for street lighting.


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