Maxwell's Demon

Jonathan O'Callaghan published an interesting article in Quanta Magazine about the history of Maxwell's Demon and how the concept has moved from a thought experiment in thermodynamics in 1867 into physical experiments from 2007 onwards.

Faster Linear Equation Solving

Richard Peng and Santosh Vampala of Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new method of solving linear equations that is faster than matrix multiplication. Quanta magazine published an interesting article describing the new method, how it differs from standard matrix multiplication using coordinated random guessing, and how it can solve any sparse linear equation in n2.332 steps compared to the n2.372 of matrix multiplication.

Natrium Molten Salt HALEU Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear reactor company Natrium, which is backed by Bill Gates' Terrapower, has received a US$80m Department of Energy grant to build a demonstration reactor by the mid 2020s. The 345MWe reactor can power 225,000 homes and uses molten salt as an energy storage and transfer system, which is safer than pressurised water and removes the need for a large amount of concrete shielding.


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